You should always avoid these 5 food combinations

There are a lot of foods that have a very beneficial effect on us but however some foods also should not be mixed with others. There are cases when the protein structure of two different foods can be difficult to digest, and this is a reason why these combinations below should be avoided. Here are the 5 types of food combination you should not mix :

Lime and cough medicine

Limes can block the enzymes that break down statins, while cough medicine such as dextromethorphan can accumulate in the bloodstream if statins aren’t broken down properly, causing massive damage to the liver.

Dairy products and antibiotics

Some antibiotics can bind to iron, calcium and other minerals in dairy products, which will prevent the full absorption of the drugs and reduce your body’s ability to fight infections. Whenever you’re prescribed a new medication, you should ask your doctor what class it falls in. If it’s tetracycline or fluoroquinolone, you shouldn’t take it with milk or yogurt.

Lentils and red wine

Red wine is rich in tannins, rare compounds that can inhibit the absorption of iron from plants like soybeans or lentils.

Milk and bananas

Although many people love a nice banana milkshake, the combination of milk and bananas is totally wrong. This combination will make your feel heavy and cause digestive troubles which is why it should be avoided. If you can’t live without banana milkshake, use ripe bananas and add a bit of nutmeg and cardamom in the shake as well.

Drinking water during meals

Doctors are warning that drinking water during or immediately after a meal can seriously interfere with your digestion. Make sure to drink water 30 minutes before or after your meals in order to help your body absorb nutrients from the food properly.

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