Top 3 Facebook comment secrets that you didn’t know

There is barely anything surprising about all the modern social networks you haven’t heard about. Except for, probably three new features Facebook introduced. Has it already happened to you, that you try to post something and then something weird happens? We are not talking about your screen freezing or lights going out. No, something, surprising and quite sweet?

It is like you post something and then confetti and balloons are all over your screen, or maybe tiny hearts, or just thumbs up? No, hasn’t happened, yet? Would you like it to? What is more, it does not have to be a post, you can even comment something and then miracles happen, how cool is that? Today we are going to teach you create miracles, at least on Facebook. How crazy is that? But let’s get started, shall we?

#1 Confetti&Balloons

All you need to do is to type in ‘Congrats’ as a status or comment, and observe the magic happen. Different-colored balloons and confetti will come up and what else is needed to raise your mood, right? Credit: Pixabay What is more, the say that if blue or pink balloons come up it means that you are expecting a baby and the color defines your baby’s gender. Well, if you see yellow balloons, you are obviously not pregnant, but worry not, there are always ways to fix that, if you know what we mean!

#2 Hearts

How many times have you sent a XOXO message to your bestie or a loved one? Can you imagine that these days once you post it or comment with it, your screen will be filled with hearts. How amazing is that?

#3 Thumps up

The same as with the previous two, all you need to do it to type in a word Rad and observe countless thumbs up filling up your screen. Sounds fun, right? Your own share of appreciation any time you feel like it is something that you need at this very moment.

TFT is sending smiles, good karma and positive energy your way! Reach out and seize every opportunity today! We wish you a day that is sunny, lucky and fulfilling in every way.

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