This Plank Variation Works Your Six-Pack Muscles And Side Abs At The Same Time

Most of you are usually hearing about toned six-packs and for sure know what that really means. The rectus abdominis is informally known by many as the “six pack.” It originates at the bottom of the sternum and inserts at the pelvis. It is responsible for pulling your knees up to your torso and vice versa. You should keep in mind that when we talk about training the lower and upper abs it’s all part of the same muscle group.

Six-pack and toned abs are everyone’s dream, but working on them is sometimes very difficult.

One of the best exercises for six-pack is a Lateral plank for tap

Lateral plank foot tap:

It is well known that a traditional plank works your abs perfectly, but its disadvantage is that doesn’t show your obliques much love. To make it better a foot tap comes in handy because by tapping it out, you’re settling your waist and strengthening your core.

In addition, every active move burns more calories than a stationary one.


–Starting position – A: Get into plank position
–B: – Lifting your left foot, tap it about 12 inches from your stationary foot.
–Return to starting position
–Repeat to another side, to complete one rep
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