In this article, you’ll find a workout without squats and lunges and any equipment that is the simple solution for sculpting your sexy, higher and tighter booty.
The additional advantages of this workout are that you can do it anytime and anywhere, which is your better chance that you actually will do it.

How to do:


–Perform it up to four days per week (complete or performing a single exercise
–Perform each exercise back to back with little to no rest in between

Total Time: up to 30 minutes

Equipment needed: A Mat

Standing Rainbow

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A) Begin standing on right leg, extend left leg out to the side slightly in front of body with your foot flexed and hands behind head.
B) Opening leg out to the side and in line with hip, lift leg slightly higher as it opens.
Bringing leg behind body without touching the floor, lift and open side and return to the starting position.
Perform all reps on the right leg, and then repeat on opposite side to complete the set.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3

Single-Leg Deadlift Extension

Image result for Single-Leg Deadlift Extension

A) Start standing on your right leg with knee slightly bent, extend left leg behind hip with toes lightly tapped on the floor. Hinge forward from hips and lower chest until parallel to the floor, keeping spine naturally straight and weight in right foot.
B) Keeping back flat, lift torso back upright as you lift left leg higher behind the hip. Lowering left toes, hinge forward to repeat.
Perform all reps on the right leg, and then repeat on the left to complete the set.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3

Side-Lying Power Kick

Image result for Side-Lying Power Kick

A) Begin laying on right side, with right elbow bent under shoulder, ribcage lifted away from the floor, hips stacked and knees bent at 90 degrees. Extending top leg straight in front of the hip, flex the foot.
B) Bending knee into chest, press out through heel and extend leg straight
Perform all reps on the right side, then repeat on opposite side. That’s one set.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3

Kneeling Rear Attitude

Image result for Kneeling Rear Attitude

A) Start on all fours position, clasp hands together and bend left knee to right, curling left heel in closer to body,
B) Lifting left leg up behind hip and turning out the knee to the side bring it into a rear attitude position
Bend left knee and return to starting position.
Perform all reps on the right side, and then repeat on other. That’s one set.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3

Heel Bridge

Image result for Heel Bridge gif

A) Start laying face up with feet flexed and knees bent while the arms are by your sides, palms down.
Engaging abs lift hips off the floor.
Lowering tailbone slowly to the floor, lightly tap down to complete one rep.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3


Image result for frog LEG exercise

A). Begin laying face down with feet flexed, heels pressed together and knees bent and open to sides. Bending elbows, stack hands and rest forehead on top.
While your heels are touching, squeeze glutes and lift thighs off the floor.
Lowering heels, back to the starting position to complete one rep.
Reps: 25
Sets: 3

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