Do you want to lose your extra weight? Are you ready for an amazing challenge? If your answer is yes then this is an ideal article for you. Our team Go Fit Stay Fit is going to present you one of the most efficient challenges which helped a million people to lose their extra weight and shrink their stomach.

This challenge is consist of 28-day diet plan. It will help you boost your metabolism, improve your digestion, and reduce bloated stomach. Here you have the list of things you should consume during this period.


– A slice of avocado toast, an omelet with greens, a cup of green tea

– Oatmeal with milk, a cup of blueberry and one apple

– Banana pineapple smoothie, two boiled eggs

– Two slices of wheat toast with ham and cheese and glass of orange juice


– A cup of boiled baby carrots and a veggie soup

– Cup of chopped pineapples and kiwi, chicken breasts

– Cup of blueberry and broccoli salad with grilled salmon

– Grilled mushrooms and broccoli


– Brown rice, chicken breast and veggie salad with tomatoes

– Quinoa, grilled salmon and a cup of broccoli

– Soba noodles, turkey steak and a cup of chopped cucumber

– Grilled chicken and veggie salad


– A handful of nuts

– Fruit salad

– Chicken soup

– A cup of berries

– A slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter

Rules you should follow during this period

– Avoid alcohol, sugars and processed foods

– Drink plenty of water

– Exercise minimum 30 minutes a day

– Have a proper sleep

– Drink veggie flush all day long

How to prepare veggie flush?

You should mix two cups of spinach, one cucumber, lemon juice, one pear, two celery stalks and two cups of water. Then place the drink in your fridge and drink it through the day.

This drink is amazing natural metabolism booster which helps us burn calories faster and easier than ever. It also provides many vitamins for our body and at the same time improve our health.

If you start this challenge after four weeks, you will notice the results. Then you can do a pause of one week. While you are on pause, you can consume whatever you want. After that, continue the diet for another 28 days. Follow this diet till you get the body you always wanted.

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