Shocking Psychological Reasons Behind You Put On Weight Despite Working Out


Are you working out tirelessly but not losing weight despite a diet plan? There’s probably nothing to be worried and this could be for your own good. The reason however for not losing weight is not related to your metabolism but psychology.

The mind games can play in benefit of your deep-rooted desires while apparently, you want to lose weight your psychological unit makes its own choice. Here are some interesting psychological reasons for you not losing weight.

5. You can’t be lazy if you’re overweight

We all tend to be a little lazy and prone to procrastination in our lives. So are the people who are overweight but they have an excuse. Being overweight is a good excuse for activities involving physical activities. You can just say my weight doesn’t allow me to join the soccer club and get away with it because you’ll do that once you’ll lose weight. And when that’s happening is in control of your psychological units.

4. A little overweight is good



Being overweight can your be the mindful excuse to a lot of problems and help you evade some depression. Such as not having a partner or not being in the desired workplace

Hence instead of getting disappointed with oneself it becomes preferable and satisfying to relate our life problems with the weight. We tend to blame our problems for being overweight. Our mental consciousness restricts our capacity to reduce weight.

3. Who doesn’t want a little dose of sympathy love?


The emotional warmth you get while putting effort into reducing weight. Everyone seems to be more caring and loving. The emotional center of the brain doesn’t want you to lose all the attention and hence doesn’t want you to lose weight either.

2. Escape little worries and unwanted emotions

Why do people eat excessively in stress? Ever wondered? Well, the emotional centers of our brain have a temporary solution for catering depression if hiding emotions is what we’ve been taught. Unable to comprehend what exactly we’re feeling mixed feelings divert our attention to feelings like hunger. Even if you’re on diet these emotionally provoked hunger pangs won’t let you fully implement your diet plan and workout regularly.

1. It’s a way not to solve a self-esteem problem.

A lack of personal self-esteem could be another reason why your working out is not working for you. If your trainer is advising you otherwise but you like to compliment(I like the chubby me) yourself this is actually the reason why you’re not losing weight. And to satisfy yourself further you tend to find reason for obesity on your heredity. Heredity might not be the actual problem but convince yourself that it creates a mental status that reduces your probability of losing weight

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