You see those lingerie supermodels and their nice butts, and you dream of a tushy like that? Do you want to turn your booty to fabulous? We present to you 9 exercises that are focused on the butt, and you can implement them with your everyday exercise routine.

Exercise 1 – Leg Lift Tap

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To control this move perfectly, you need to concentrate your muscles (mainly the glutes).

Exercise2 – Squat and Lift

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Before doing this exercise, you have to stretch – this workout is a nice variation of squat that. It’s good for your booty and inner tights.

Exercise 3 – Jump Squats

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Take your squat exercises to the next level – add a jump at the end of each one. Very powerful exercise for your quads and booty.

Exercise4 -Glute Bridge with Dumbbell

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To make this exercise regularly you’ll need to be lifting your butt so you can build a perfectly lifted butt. If this is too hard for you or you feel uncomfortable, you can leave out the dumbbell.

Exercise 5 – Glute Bridge March

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You liked the glute bridge? Leave the dumbbell and do it with a march. You will get you core muscles and glutes toned.

Exercise 6 – Weighted Donkey Kick

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Toning your booty in a whole different way – if it’s too hard, leave out the weight.

Exercise7 – Reverse Flutter Kicks

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This exercise works-out the glutes and hamstrings. It might look scary and hard from the pics, but once you’ll master this move, it will show some results, you will feel it!

Exercise8 – Single Leg Frog Lifts

Workout for outer hop muscles, and toned and tight butt. An interesting and tricky move that comes with huge effect

Exercise9 – Booty Kicks

Pick up a chair in your comfortable home atmosphere and kick back – you’ll feel the effect in the leg on the ground, the supporting one. You don’t have to be worried if you can get the leg way up high – just do what you can, and after a while push it higher up if possible.

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