High plank

The high plank looks similar to a push-up. Instead of pressing up onto your forearms as you would with a basic plank, you align your hands with your shoulders and press up onto your hands, balancing on your toes, as though performing a push-up.

The 30-day Plank Challenge – Get a New Body

The 30-day plank challenge is something you may have heard friends raving about, and while there are several variations to this challenge, a common 30 day plank challenge is this:

Days 1-2: hold your plank for 20 seconds
Days 3-4: hold your plank for 30 seconds
Day 5: 40 seconds
Day 6: rest day

Days 7-8: 45 seconds
Days 9-11: 60 seconds
Day 12: 90 seconds
Day 13: Rest day

Days 14-15: 90 seconds
Days 16-17: 120 seconds
Day 18: 150 seconds
Day 19: Rest day

Days 20-21: 150 seconds
Days 22-23: 180 seconds
Days 24-25: 210 seconds
Day 26: Rest day

Days 27-28: 240 seconds
Day 29: 270 seconds
Day 30: 300 seconds

But before you join the plank party, you need to take a few things into consideration:

Bad form is bad news

These endurance challenge may well build stamina when done carefully and correctly, but bad posture during making planks is very bad news, so make certain that you are using good form when you plank. If your body tells you that it needs a rest, take a break rather than sagging into bad form—it could mean the difference between a healthy body and spinal damage or a torn muscle.

Plank responsibly!

If you are just beginning to work out, the allure of a quick, 30-day exercise challenge can be difficult to resist. However, fitness challenges should be used cautiously by people who are just beginning to exercise. If your core could use some work, try creating a custom “challenge” that works at a slower pace. This way, you can reap the rewards of planking without fear of injury.

Here is a video demonstrating plank variations:

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