Mother Lost 92 Pounds in 1 Year and Documented Everything On Instagram

In this article, we will present you an inspirational story, by Rachel Graham who documented how she lost 92 pounds, and now she looks awesome.

She tried to lose weight many times over the years and gave up because the results were not as she expected. She realized that documenting the transformation through pictures could make a progress, as she could see how her body was changing. She put her picture of transformation on Instagram, and share it with all who were interested.

Her story was followed by many people and was becoming more and more popular. She now has more than 178k followers on Instagram cheering and inspiring her.

As her life is so dynamic (like a treadmill), she suffered from anorexia and bulimia in high school and became overweight when she got pregnant with her first child.

She explained that in order to lose weight she tried to not eat at all, which causes collapsing many times and even was hospitalized twice and had a feeding tube. She expected that the weight would fall off once she had her son, but it didn’t happen.

Her weight was 235 pounds when she gave birth to her son, and when she found out about the issues with her blood pressure and she didn’t have the energy to play with her kid, she decided to make radical changes.

The first she went over her ego and weight and started to take care of her diet and downloaded a calorie counting application on her smartphone.
She was focusing on healthy balanced meals, which gave her a starting point, and simultaneously she started doing exercises five times a week.
For only one year she lost 92 pounds and now she feels healthy and happy in what she became.
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