How much water you should drink according to your weight

How much water should we drink per day? Some people want to know this in order to lose weight. It is believed that the diet should adhere to a special drinking regimen. Other people have heard that water helps to cleanse the body of various slags. The rest simply want to know the right figure to follow.

Water is the source of all life. The human body consists mainly of water (70%). However, according to many statistics, the quantity of water a person drinks per day is much lower than necessary. Why is it so? The fact is that most people do not think about how much water they need to drink.

The water is entrusted with many important body functions. It participates in the supply of organs and parts of the body with nutrients, microelements and also in the withdrawal of waste products and harmful substances.

Water maintains all body systems and even reproductive functions in working order. Our body requires a large amount of solvent (water) daily in order to cleanse itself of harmful substances and toxins. Many researches state that people should drink a certain quantity of water according to their weight.

So, if the weight is 20lb – 8 oz of water, 40 lb – 16 oz, 80 lb – 32 oz, 100 lb – 40 oz, 120 lb – 48 oz, 140 lb – 56 oz, 160 lb – 62 oz, 180 lb – 70 oz, 200 lb – 80 oz, 220 lb – 88 oz, 240 lb – 96 oz, 260 lb – 104 oz, 280 lb -112 oz, 300 lb – 120 oz, 320 lb – 128 oz.

You should also know that these figures can change, if you live physically active. For example, you exercise at the gym on a regular basis or workout at home. In this case, you should increase water consumption by two times.

There are also common recommendations for every person: try to drink one-two glasses of water before having a meal; try to drink one-two glasses of water straight after you get up in the morning; if you are tired of usual water, you can add lemon into it.

The last thing is that you should track the quantity of water you drink. You can buy a special bottle with glass marks or just write down the number of glasses on paper and keep it in sight during the day.

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