Healthy way to lose up to 5 pounds in 10 days with this medifast diet

All of us want to be as sexy as hell but sometimes our beauty is hidden behind our extra pounds. Most diet plans promise that the next morning you will wake up slim but the miracle won’t happen.

People just can’t stick to the severe diet plans which require you consuming nothing but air. Today we are going to show one of the most effective diet plans, maintaining which won’t leave you hungry. Most dietitians recommend the Medifast diet plan.

Your day should include 6 meals. 5 of them consist of 100-calorie Medifast products such as shakes, bars or soups. The sixth meal should be rich in lean protein and green veggies.

Keeping to such a diet plan for a week will allow you to lose up to 4 pounds. This diet plan has a certain pack of recipes, but they can be easily replaced by steamed veggies and stewed meat. Don’t forget that moderate exercise is the an essential part of this diet plan.

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