Follow The Diet Of America’s Super Models To Shed Extra Pounds In 3 Days

We all want to have a perfect model like figure and want to look like super models that walk the ramp with their perfect bodies. While we all wish to fit in their shoes, achieving model-like body is not a cake walk. For this you will need to follow a strict diet plan which can give you a quick weight loss. This weight loss diet is to be followed for 3 days and works great if you are looking to get in shape for a particular event. Scroll over to find more about the 3 day models’- diet plan and see how you too can a perfect body like your favourite model :

1. Top Models’ Diet Plan

The 3 day top models diet plan works on simple trick of eating meals every 3 hours. However the plan aims to restrict your salt and sugar intake. It is recommended to follow the plan once a month to lose weight and works great if you want get shape for an event. You must drink plenty of water while you are on this diet and go for regular walks, jogging or swimming or any other similar cardio activity of your choice.

2. Day One

3. Day Two

• Breakfast – 1 boiled egg, 1 cup tea or coffee without sugar and 1 slice of fresh lemon.
• Snack – 2 oranges.
• Lunch – 85 grams of low fat cheese.
• Dinner – Green tea without sugar.
• Snack – 1 glass skimmed milk.

4. Day Three

• Breakfast – 1 boiled egg, 1 cup tea or coffee without sugar and 1 slice of fresh lemon
• Snack – 1 to 2 grapefruits.
• Lunch – 150 grams of cottage cheese, 1 cup green tea without sugar.
• Dinner – 150 grams of cottage cheese
• Snack – 1 glass skimmed milk.

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