Fat-Melting, Heart-Pounding Upper Body Workout

Do you tend to lose the extra weight of your body and tone you muscles to a level of attraction? If this is the case with you too, then the following article will help you to achieve the goal that you have set to you.

You will be introduced to a workout plan that is created to sculpt the upper part of your body and relieve you from the extra calories that you have, in such a short period of time.

Following are the number of sets and repetitions that you need to perform for a certain zone of your body:

Shoulders – you need to make 3 sets of:
– 12 push press;
– 12 mountain climbers;
– 12 lateral raise;
– 12 mountain climbers;
– 12 rear delt raise; and
– 12 mountain climbers.

Push Press
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Mountain Climbers
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Lateral Raises
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Rear Delt Raise
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Chest and Back – you need to make 3 sets of:
– 12 Punches ( each hand);
– 12 kettlebell swings;
– 12 bent-over row;
– 12 kettlebell swings;
– 12 push-ups; and
– 12 kettlebell swings.

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Kettlebell Swings
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Bent-Over Row
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