Today’s Workout – After Warmup

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A1 Back Leg Elevated Split Squat 12/leg 3 31×0 10 sec
A2 Front Leg Elevated Split Squat 12/leg 3 31×0 10 sec
A3 Glute Bridge 10 3 31×0 90 sec
B1 45* Back Extension (glute focus) 10 4 1112 10 sec
B2  Leg Press (quad focus)  10  4 1030 10 sec


Back Leg Elevated Spilt Squat Here we are keeping our chest up, chin tucked, abs tight and going down straight, no bending forward. When you get the the bottom, push up through your heel to really target the glutes.

Front Leg Elevated Spilt Squat — Here we are keeping our torso up, chin tucked, abs tight but we want to bend the knee so we engage the quads. Come forward (still keeping the chest up) and push up through your heels to return to the start position.

Glute Bridge — Here want to keep our shoulders on the bench or apparatus if you have it available, feet wide and hips up. When you get to the top of the bridge, think about squeezing the glutes to bring hips higher. This will cause a pelvic tilt as you pinch the glutes in and squeeze them together. You should not be using your hips.

Image result for Glute Bridge gif

45* Back Extension (glute focus)  — You should NOT feel this in your back. Instead pinch the glutes at the bottom of the movement and use your glutes to come up to the start position. This takes a while to get used to. Think about squeezing the butt cheeks together to cause that pelvis to tilt using your glutes ONLY. Just come up as high as your body allows you to without using your back.

*If you feel it in the back, think GLUTES — PINCH — SQUEEZE

B2) Leg Press (quad focus)  — Here we keep feet shoulder width apart to put the focus on your quads. When you push up, think of wiping gum off the bottom of your shoe to engage the glues and hamstrings without moving your feet. Another way to think about this is hamstrings to floor.

Image result for Leg Press GIF

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