Every woman wants to look perfect no matter her age. But after 40 losing the extra weight and building your body are really difficult processes. But if you really want it you can achieve it. There are several exercises which are proven to be very efficient in reducing the fat and lifting the butt.


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Take a dumbbell or dumbbell and hold it under your chin. Stand on a bench in front of you. Then place your right foot on the bench and stand up on the bench. As you stand up to bring your left knee up and to your waist. After that, step back down off the bench.


Lie on the ground on your right side. Then place your right hand behind your head and bend your stacked knees. Lift your right knee up and try to keep your feet together. Hold the position for several seconds and then lower your leg down. Repeat this exercise for 10 times and then switch sides.


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Place a kettlebell between your feet while your knees are bent. Then take the kettlebell with one hand and lift it up to your chest. From this position bring the kettlebell overhead hold a little and then bring in back to the ground. Repeat it 10 times.


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You should start kneeling down and supporting your upper body with your forearms. Then lift and extend your right leg behind. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and then lower the knee without touching the floor and repeat the lift. Do this several times and then switch legs.


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Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your chest held up and out. Extend your hands straight out in front of you. Then sit back and down like you’re sitting on a chair. Lower down, so your thighs are parallel to the floor, with your knees over your ankles. Hold this position for few seconds and bring yourself back to the starting position. Repeat it 20 times.


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Start the exercise on your fours. Then raise your right knee, keeping your back flat. Lift your right knee out to the side as high as you can. Hold it few seconds and then lower it back on the ground. Repeat it 10 times and then switch side.


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Lie on your back with the arms by your sides. Then place feet flat on the floor about a foot away from your buttocks and start raising your hips up till your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. You should hold the position for few seconds and then lower it back in the starting position. Repeat it 10 times

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