Best Exercises For Reducing Hip Dips

For each of the exercises recommended below, you can click on the link of the exercise’s name to view more detailed instructions on how to do that exercise with the proper form, as well as a recommended number of sets and repetitions to perform.

Band Walks

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  • Lateral band walks are another personal favorite for getting the sides of your booty burning.
  • You’ll need a resistance band again for this exercise (it’s simply not effective without one).
  • Use the band around your ankles or knees – whichever allows you to target the sides of your hips more.
  • Despite the picture above and the images shown in the instructions for the monster band walks here, I would recommend having the band around your knees for this one – personally I find that really helps me to target the hip dip area more effectively!
  • Play around with the depth of your crouch as well for optimal results from this exercise – settle on a depth which gets the sides of your butt burning the most.

 Side Lunges

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  • Side lunges are like a single legged squat off to one side.
  • These are perfect for hitting the sides of the glutes and will do this especially well is if you push off the working leg to return to an upright standing position between each rep.
  • Check out the detailed instructions on how to do side lunges for your butt for more details.

5. Clamshells

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  • Clamshells are a classic exercise that almost exclusively target the abductor muscles of the hips, which means bulking up the butt in all the right places to combat annoying hip indentations and round out your tush.
  • You can do these with heels together or apart (as shown above), and either with a resistance band or without.
  • I’d recommend starting without a band until you can master the movement, but you’ll definitely want to add some resistance further down the track to get this exercise building muscle for you.
  • A perfect way to add resistance is with a really strong band like Booty Bands™ . These are the best bands I’ve come across so far for really turning the clamshell exercise into something that just annihilates the sides of your butt muscles and will build a round booty.

Standing Hip Abductors

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  • For standing hip abductors you simply lift one leg out and to the side while balancing on the supporting leg.
  • The extra stabilizing that you need to do with your standing leg will automatically ensure that both sides of your butt get a good working out. Glorious.
  • Add a resistance band for best results, or you can also use the cable machine at the gym for even better results.

Lying Side Leg Lifts

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  • For the lying side abduction leg lifts exercise you lie on your side and raise the upper leg to the side in an abduction movement.
  • This is pretty much the same movement as the standing hip abductors listed earlier.
  • The beauty of this variation is that you don’t have to focus on balance, and some people find that this allows them to focus more on the exercise and even add more resistance.
  • To add resistance, hold a weight plate or dumbell on your upper thigh, or add a resistance band loop around legs above the knees.

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