Balance These 4 Hormones If You Want To Lose Some Weight

Hormones influence many processes in our body. Your hormones change every month and then from puberty period to menopause. Although the question of the hormones us now so well-studied.

We are gonna make some simple explanations, how it works and how it influences on your body and its shape and what hormones are connected to our weight loss. Estrogen will be the first one. It is the hormone which is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics of women (growth of breasts and hips).

And there is a certain connection between this hormone and weight gain during the menopause. While menopause hormone levels become lower. It, as well, concerns estrogen and progesterone. In order to avoid dominance of estrogen it’s recommended to eat a pound of vegetables daily as the contained in them fiber helps to remove excess estrogen from your body.

Then Cortisol. It is a hormone for stressful situations regulating. Excess cortisol cause heart diseases and also is a reason of visceral fat around internal organs. It is bad not only for your look but also for your health. What will help to stabilize its level?

One more advice is that you should limit the intake of red meat.

It would sound strange but a switch from coffee to tea is gonna help. Another advice is mindfulness. No, you heard it right. The technique is the next: slow down, breathe deeply, pay attention to the thing you’re occupied with. The great idea is meditating. You may also take vitamin B. And, of course, you have to have a good and long sleep.

Leptin is a hormone telling us if we are satiated. With the excess of leptin our body just can’t tell us if we are full or not— so we are eating and getting extra pounds.How to balance its levels? First of all get enough sleep. With a lack of sleep, levels of leptin are lower and you stay unsatisfied even after you eat. Useful will be eating more foods rich in Omega 3 for e.g. grass-fed meats.Regular exercises will be a wonderful remedy for balancing leptin as well.

Insulin regulates blood sugar in your body. If you have extra sugar in the blood it stores this sugar like fat. If you’ll get enough protein with food, eat less but more often it would help you to control it.

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