You always wanted a iron core is not it? This is something more than the Abdominal muscles – it’s just like the muscles in the pelvis and hips and around the spine support your organs and stabilize your back, ensuring the strength of your entire body. We offer you training to strengthen your core. How to make a workout: perform each exercise for one minute, resting for 30 seconds after each set. Repeat the set 5 times. Do not forget that without maintaining proper nutrition, doing exercises is useless.

1. Plank to Dolphin
2. Push-Up 
3. Plank Tap 
4. Bicycle Crunch
5. Lateral Plank Walk
6. Boat Pose
7. Bird Dog
8. Flutter Kicks
9. Lying Side Crunch 

♦ Plank to Dolphin ♦

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Begin in a plank position propping your body on your elbows with your hands together. Keep your feet just wider than the width of your hips. Begin to take small steps forward as you slowly lift your hips little by little. Your hips should end up in high pike position. Slowly move back in reverse until you reach your starting position. Complete up to three sets of five repetitions.

♦ Push-Up ♦

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Nothing beats this good old exercise when it comes to getting a good pump. Almost all of us have done this exercise at one point or another. Over the years this exercise has grown so much in popularity that most people know how to perform it correctly.

♦ Plank Tap ♦

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Start in a plank position with your arms straight and your wrists under your shoulders. Keeping your abs engaged, touch your left hand to your right shoulder, then back to the floor. Repeat the tap, this time touching your right hand to your left shoulder.

♦ Bicycle Crunch ♦

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Lie on your back and lift your knees so your legs form a 90-degree angle at your hip and knee joints. With the hands gently resting behind the head, lift your torso and twist your right elbow to the left knee while you simultaneously extend the right leg. Repeat in the opposite direction to complete one repetition. Complete 10 to 20 total repetitions to target your obliques.

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