9 Butt Exercises from J.Lo’s

Her singing is very good, she is so nearly perfect, she really want to complete the kind of transformation? In fact, J.Lo is a lot of stars fitness trainer trainer David Kirsch, he J.Lo designed sumo-style training method so that she can perfect to stay in shape: the squat-based kicking motion, she can never have a perfect hips.

Obviously with the body color can rely on, but Jennifer Lopez have talent but nothing (to catch …

But while we are more than in the cause, but others, at least in the upper body color values to take it up

Bottom trained to actually not difficult, as long as you adhere to the following day, this aerobics, I guarantee you’ll soon be able to have a charming Bottom.


The first action: do squat action, this action to do 20 as a group, adhere five groups a day.


The second action: help a good railing, then left squat action, a foot support, the other foot back stretch and then pulling it up, and then for the other foot, cycle do 15, one day insist on five groups .


The third action: moved a chair, one foot pressure at the top, and then the other foot support do squat action, action to do 20 as a group, adhere five groups a day.


The fourth action: hands on the chair back, stood up and then squat down the body after a foot back kick, then squat down for another after a foot operation is repeated 15 for a group of adhere to one day 5 group.

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