8 tummy-toning exercises that can help you get a flat stomach

Do you ever dream about having strong and flat abs? If the answer is yes, then these chair workouts are made just for you! It can be really hard to time and energy for getting to the gym, as work and family can take up too much time.

That is the reason why you do boring crunches in the rare seconds of your free time and these don’t seem to be working. If you want to get a flat belly, you should perform exercises other than crunches, as these can get boring and lead to back problems.

Crunches are not the best way to get a beautiful body. We offer you options such as chair workouts that will provide a fun workout without leading to injuries. These exercises will help you to get tight and sexy abs and keep them in good shape!

1. Squats

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Place your feet at shoulder width apart while keeping your chest up and your abdominals braced. – Begin the movement by swinging your arms up towards your shoulders. At the same time, bend at the knees and drive your hips back like you’re sitting in a chair. – Once your upper thighs are parallel with the ground, pause, then drive your hips forward to return to the starting position.

2. Push-Ups

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Get into position by placing your hands flat on the floor, directly below your shoulders. Extend your legs out behind you, with only your toes and balls of your feet touching the floor. – Hold your body up and keep your back straight by tightening your abdominal muscles. Your neck and head should be bent slightly back. Lower your chest towards the ground by bending your elbows until your chest is just above the ground or you feel a stretching of your chest and shoulders. Hold for a count of one. – Press upwards from your chest and shoulders, straightening your arms as you return to the starting position. Hold for a count of one. Repeat.

3. Jumping Jacks
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Stand with your feet together, arms fully extended with your hands by your sides. This is the start position. Bend your knees slightly then straighten and push through the balls of your feet while straightening your your knees to jump up spreading your legs to wider than hip width apart. – As you do so, raise both arms out and up in a smooth arc until your hands meet above your head. As you return to the ground, bring your feet together and your hands back to your sides with your arms fully extended. – Continue without pause for the desired amount of time or repetitions.

4. Crunches

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Lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the ground, with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Alternatively, you can place your feet up on a bench a few inches apart with your toes turned inwards and touching. – Place your hands lightly on either side of your head. Keep your elbows in so that they are parallel to your body. Push your back down flat into the floor to isolate your abdominal muscles. Gently curl your shoulders forward and up off the floor. – Continue to push down into the floor with your lower back. Raise your shoulders about four to six inches only. Hold and squeeze your abdominal muscles for a count of one. Return to the start position in a smooth movement.
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