Spring is nearly at the door and somehow everybody gets upset and worried about the way how their bodies look. Women are aware that they will need to start wearing lighter clothes as the weather will get warmer, which means that their extra fat will be more noticeable than during the winter.

Taking about the extra fat at the woman’s body, the hips and thighs are considered among the most critical zones that easily are gaining extra weight, but unfortunately is quite difficult to lose extra centimetres from these critical areas.

Nevertheless, there are three golden rules that are applicable for everyone and need to be followed by everyone who is having fat issues, especially in the thighs and hips area. Following are the rules:

– you need to reduce the calories that you are in-taking into your body;

– you need to start drinking a greater amount of water; and

– you need to start practicing certain exercises on day-to-day basis.

Talking about the exercises, there are plenty of workouts that are allowing you to stay at your comfortable home and practise them there. This means saving some time and saving some money too, because you would not have to pay for a gym membership every month.

Today’s article will introduce you to a quite effective workout that will target your legs. The results of the same are guaranteed, and the greatest number of women that are practising this workout are just a proof of that.

The workout incudes 7 simple exercises: fire hydrant kicks, pile squats, fire hydrants, side lunges, outer leg lifts, squat and kick, leg circles, skater hops, leg circles, and inner leg lifts. You will have to perform each exercise in a period of 60 seconds, and switch the legs where is needed. The good thing about the workout is that is not lasting more than 7 minutes. The same needs to be performed every day so that visible results to be felt.

Following is a video that will give you a detailed insight of the entire workout. Although the exercises may seem difficult and intense at the beginning, do not give up because that feeling will disappear once will get on the track. So stay motivated and start with the workout today!

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