1.Crunch with knees to the chest

The crunch with knees to the chest, better known as double crunch, is an advanced level exercise for training the abdominal area and for the stabilization of the lumbar area. The “reverse crunch” part of this exercise, the one that involves the legs, trains in particular the lower part of your abdominals. It is important to remember that one of the muscles involved in this exercise are the hip flexors: they are the first to be activated during the movement of the knees toward your chest.

2.Russian Twist

The Russian twist is an exercise through which you can fully train the central part of the body, with a particular focus on the oblique abdominals. The Russian twist is a perfect exercise for all those sports that require strength and stability in the central part of the chest.

3.Crunch with vertical Legs

This exercise is very effective for strengthening the entire abdominal fascia, with particular focus on the upper area of the rectus abdominis.
The muscle strengthening that this type of exercise performs will also increase the strength and ability in performing aerobic activities such as swimming, running and walking. The “crunch with vertical legs and touch of the ankles” also helps a lot in correcting the posture and balance of the body

4.Scissors Side Crunch

The “Scissors Side Crunch” is an exercise that enables an intensive workout on the oblique abdominals, thanks to the alternating movements of the arms and legs. In fact, in addition to working on the oblique abdominal muscles it helps to improve coordination thanks to the rhythmicity of the movement.

5.Legs elevation in 4 strokes

Best lower ab exercises: Legs elevation in 4 strokes. This exercise is a classic workout for the so-called “lower abs”. As always we would like to specify that the rectus abdominis muscle is a unique and wide muscle, but has areas that can be stimulated and strengthened through targeted exercises. The case of the abdominals with elevation of the legs in 4 strokes is one example: thanks to the alternating elevation and lowering of the legs, the lower abdomen will be stimulated more effectively.

6.Side Plank

“Plank” exercises are among the 5 best abdominal workouts (according to the “Boeckh-Behrens & Buskies” study, 2000) and specifically the side “plank” is a great way to work your obliques. They are also more effective than traditional sit-ups, since they mobilize several muscle groups without causing any pressure on the discs and on the lumbar vertebrae (according to the study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning in May 2002). This exercise is very effective to strengthen trunk stabilizers and works synergistically on all muscle groups if done properly. Due to its depth of action, the “Plank” is recommended if you want to increase the intensity of your workout. The hard part is keeping the right position and balance for a specific period of time, so we recommend it to those who already have good muscle tone. This exercise is not recommended for those who have injuries to the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulder and those with neck problems.

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