5 Simple Exercises To Tone Your Butt In No Time

Look stunning with these 5 extremely easy exercises! Get firmer buttocks by learning this useful exercises.Do them at a daily basis and you will notice the results soon! Watch below these 5 exercises to get firmer buttocks!

1. Hip Lifts 

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Complete each exercises 2-3 times, 10-15 Reps, every other day.
Lay on back, feet under knees.  Slowly lift & lower hips off the floor, while contracting through the abdominal and squeezing glutes.

2. Rear Leg Raises 

Remaining in the same position, lift one leg and cross it over the opposite leg. Squeeze your glutes as you lift. Do 15 reps on each side.

3. Prisoner Squat 

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This variation is very similar to a regular body-weight squat, but it requires more balance and coordination. Since you won’t have your hands raised in front of you as a counterbalance, you’ll need to recruit more core strength to keep your torso upright. HOW TO DO THEM: Start standing as if you were preparing for a standard squat (see slide 1), but place both hands behind your head. Keeping your back straight and your chest upright, squat back and down. You may find you need to put more weight in your heels than with a regular squat, but don’t allow your toes to lift off the ground. If you need to, place a box or chair behind you to remind yourself what you’re aiming for or to offer a little support at the bottom of your squat. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your squat, stand back up again by pressing through your feet.

4. Superman Exercise

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1. Start by laying flat on a mat, with your face down and extend your arms in front, palm down on the mat.
2. Lift your chest as you raise the left arm and your opposite (right) leg a few inches off the mat. Hold the raised position for 3 seconds.
3. Lower and return to the starting position.
4. Raise the right arm and opposite (left) leg a few inches off the mat. Hold the raised position for 3 seconds.
5. Lower and return to the starting position. This completes 1 rep.
Repeat up to 10 times.

5. Lunges

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Stand straight with hands at your sides.
Take a step forward with the left leg. Make sure the leg bends at knee until it forms a 90 degree angle.
Squeeze your glutes for 2 seconds.
Get back into the starting position and repeat with the right leg.
Do 15 reps for each leg.

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