4 Exercises to Lose Your Gut and Boost Your Butt

No gut, nice butt

When women come to see me, the two places they always want to tackle first are the core and glutes. And I get it. Once you transform those areas, you notice other body bonuses, including smaller, firmer thighs (translation: less cellulite).

Working the core and glutes simultaneously, as you will with the workout on the next page, cuts down on the amount of time you need to spend at the gym. Here’s why: You’re toning the areas from multiple angles at once. Each move requires you to kneel or get into a plank, which engages the core, specifically the transverse abdominis. (This muscle is basically a built-in pair of Spanx that holds in your gut.) You also raise, kick or twist your leg, ensuring that you lift and shape your, um, assets. It’s the perfect combination to help you score the body you’ve always wanted—all you have to do is put in the work.



Side sit and plank kick

Start facedown with hands on the floor and elbows bent; shift weight
onto right hip. Bend legs so feet face behind you (A). Swing knees to center,
thighs on the floor and feet facing up; drop left foot. As you press body up,
extend right leg back and up (B). Return to “A.” Do 30 reps.

Splat press-up to kick

Lie facedown with left forearm and right hand on the floor. Bend right
knee out to the side so that leg forms a 90-degree angle and front of right
hip is touching the floor (A). Push up, coming onto left knee, then raise
right leg back and up (B). Drop down to “A.” Repeat 30 times.


Coupé plank kick

Start on all fours with left forearm and right hand on the floor. Bend right knee and tuck right
leg behind left (A). Extend right leg up toward the ceiling as you lift hips and come onto left
toes (B). Return to “A.” Repeat 30 times.

Twisting knee arabesque

Start on all fours with left forearm and right hand on the floor. Lift feet off the floor, then twist legs to the
right (A). Swing legs back to center, then lift right leg up (B). Return to “A” and repeat 30 times.

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