4 BEST Exercises For WIDER HIPS (Fix Your Hip Dips) | Get BIGGER Hips and Butt(Video)

1. Dumbbell fire hydrant

Fire hydrant is extremely powerful for targeting the gluteus medius, which is one of the three gluteal muscles.

This is a thick radiating muscle situated on the outer surface of your pelvis.

Stimulating the growth of this muscle happens when you add weights like a dumbbell or ankle weights.

This one exercise will definitely change the shape of your hips to a fuller look when you stay consistent with the routine.

Note: This doesn’t mean you should do this exercise only. It works extremely well when you combine the other 3 exercises in this plan.

How to do it

  • Get into the donkey kick position, while holding the dumbbell in between hamstrings of the left leg.
  • Now you’re going to lift your left leg sideways as high as possible and hold for 1 second.
  • After the pause lower your leg back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Finish the reps for the left and move on to the right leg.

2. Single Leg Bridge

When you’re doing this exercise make sure that your form is correct. That is extremely important to maximize your gains in glutes and hip muscles.

How to do it

  • Support your back on a bench while your right foot supports your lower body.
  • Your left leg should be suspended in the air.
  • Slowly brace your hips and left leg upwards and pause for 1 second.
  • You then slowly lower to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do the required reps for each leg.

3. Slow thigh closes

For this exercise, you’re going to need the resistance band.

After you complete this move, every gluteal muscle is going to start crying.

That burn is an indication that those muscles are being activated and worked. So ignore that feeling to stop, and complete the required sets and reps on each side.

Yes, it’s a bit hard, but after a while your body will become adjusted to the burn.

And you will start seeing amazing results in your hip and booty muscles.

How to do it

  • Place the resistance band around your knees and lie down on your left side.
  • Make sure to use your left hand to support your upper body during the move.
  • You’re going to use your right thigh to stretch the band as tight as possible, until you feel the maximum tension.
  • Hold the position for 1 second then slowly move back to the starting point and repeat.
  • Do the required sets and reps for each side as listed on the calendar below.

4. Ankle squat band stretches

Absolutely one of the best exercises you can do grow your booty and hip muscles. This move will also use the resistance band for maximum tension.

Always remember that to produce maximum muscle growth, the more time under tension the greater your results.

How to do it

  • Put the resistance band around your ankle and lower your body into the squat position.
  • What you’re going to do is use your right foot to step sideways to produce tension during the move.
  • Then you’re going to move back to the start point with your left leg stretching the resistance band.

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