2 Weeks Hard Core 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge

Summer will be here before you know it! Get yourself bikini-ready with our 14 Day Amazing Abs Challenge. The next two weeks will be challenging, yet completely rewarding. With fat-burning cardio workouts and ab-sculpting toning routines, you’ll be eager to show off your hard work when beach weather hits. To get the most out of your hard work, you should pair this ab challenge with clean eating. No, you don’t need to diet! Simply clean up your typical nutrition to uncover your amazing abs.


Sit down on yoga mat and lean back. Bend your knees and touching the >oor with leg. Straight the arms on shoulders and bend your elbows. Keep one arm on another straight like genie does. Now lift the leg to arms and bring it back to >oor. Do this genie ab exercise 40 times.


Now lay down slowly on yoga mat. Now twist the leg with each other and twist the arms as well. Bring the knees to elbows and elbows to knees. Squeeze your tummy when you do the crunches Do this eagle abs exercise 30 times.


Stay in lay down position and keep legs up in the air. Arms on the back of head and lift the head up. Now start kicking your legs like >utter kicks. Do this runaway abs exercise for 50 times.


Stay in laying position. Lift the head up. Take hands on over head on back (not up) then spread them and legs straight without touching the >oor then spread them. Bring your knees to chest with help of your hands. Bring back legs to straight and spread and same as arms as well. Do this star abs exercise for 25 times.

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