It’s more than evident that curvaceous behinds are more fashionable than ever and women are just craving for that perfectly shaped round butt like never before.

Just look at the images of curvaceous stars on the pages of celebrity magazines and you’ll get a clear picture. If it used to be all about the skinny figure, the latest trend is more flesh from the back, and we certainly like it.

Everywhere you turn, eyes are on bottoms. And whatever the shape of your butt, chances are, you want to improve it.

Paul Sorace, a trainer in Bayonne, N.J. says : “At the very least, 99% of the women I train want to work with the glutes.” Just as many men equate having a muscular chest with being buff, for lots of women, “having a fit body is having a tighter set of buns.”

If a woman feels confident about having great glutes, she’s not too shy to show it off,” says Marilyn Gansel, a fitness trainer and owner of wellness studios in Stanford and Kent, Conn. “People are starting to see that curves are sexy.” We certainly prefer this trend instead of the skinny skeleton one.

But what’s the best way to get that perfectly shaped, curvaceous behind?

Experts say that lunges are the best workout routine that hits the glutes and we are sure they are. But they can be so boring sometimes, repeating the same exercise a million times. Plus they shape your butt in one direction only. So, is there a better solution?

If you like to shake things up and prevent falling asleep while working out, we recommend the following   11 modifications of the usual lunges which will give you better results and you’ll have more fun doing them.

Watch the video below and follow the routine. They will challenge every part of your body you just need to do them and watch your behind getting rounder and rounder.

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