1000 Calorie HIIT Workout Without Equipment

The 1000 calories HIIT challenge is a serious set of workouts that are pretty hard for performing. The exercises are divided into two groups. The intensity must be on the very high level if you want to accomplish the goal. And a goal is: burning 1000 calories for and hour.

What does that mean? That means that you will have to work and work really hard. You need to be disciplined and the most important: not to give up so easily. If it gets pretty hard, you could always take a break.

All you need is just a 20-pound kettlebell, and a stepper or a chair.In the case you’re a beginner and you don’t have any weights, that’s not a problem. The 1000 calorie HIIT workouts are intense enough so you will no need of any weights, anyway.

1000 Calorie HIIT Workout 

These are the 10 different exercises of 40 seconds work and 20 seconds high knees. No rest between the exercises.

  1. 40 sec burpees + 20 sec high knees
  2. 40 sec kettlebell swings + 20 sec high knees
  3. 40 sec jumping jacks + 20 sec high knees
  4. 40 sec spiderman push-ups + 20 sec high knees
  5. 40 sec jump squats + 20 sec high knees
  6. 40 sec mountain climbers + 20 sec high knees
  7. 40 sec plank to push-up+ 20 sec high knees
  8. 40 sec alternating lunges + 20 sec high knees
  9. 40 sec step box jump (use your stepper or a chair to jump on it) + 20 sec high knees
  10. 40 sec plank jacks 40 sec + 20 sec high knees


Kettlebell Swing

Image result for Kettlebell Swing

Jumping Jacks

Image result for Jumping Jacks

Spiderman Push-up

Image result for Spiderman Push-up

Jump Squat

Image result for Jump Squat

Mountain Climbers

Image result for Mountain Climbers

Plank to Push-up

Image result for plank push up gif

Jumping Alternating Lunges

Image result for Jumping Alternating Lunges

Box Step

Image result for box step exercise

Plank Jacks

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