10 Minutes Butt & Thighs Home Workout (Video)

The workout is consisted of exercises that are targeting the tight and butt and the same is lasting no more than 10 minutes i.e. you will have to perform 10 different intervals. Your body will be active for 45 seconds, then a break of 15 seconds follows, and then you will have to continue with the same tempo.

It is recommended to warm up your body before the start of the workout in order certain body injuries to be avoided.

The benefits of the workout are enormous. The good thing about this workout is that no special equipment is needed so that you may perform the workout at home. Additionally, the workout is time-saving so it means that is easy to be fit during your busy days. The most important is that all of the exercises included into this workout are targeting the calves, core, quads, and thighs.

If you are beginner and no previous experience with workouts, then it is allowed to take some extra pauses between the exercises. Contrary, if you have some previous experience with workouts, then you may include weights in the exercises, so that you will challenge your body.

It is well known that 10 minutes of exercises are not enough if you want to get great results, but 10 minutes are much better than not performing anything at all. Thus, this 10-minutes workout may be incorporated to a specific HIIT training that you are performing every day. Also, the workout may be added to the end of each strength training in order to burn your muscles truly. If you are not interested about performing HIIT or strength trainings, then you may perform several sessions of this 10-minutes workout during the day. As this you will expose your organism to a very good strategy that may end with a higher caloric expenditure thanks to the multiple metabolic boosts that you are going to cause with this several sessions of the workout during the day. If you decide that performing the 10-minutes workout several times during the day is the best method for your body in order to lose weight and tighten the lower part of your body, make sure that by the end of each day you will have performed 30 minutes of this workout. Only as that you will feel the effective results on your body.

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